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Lil’ Bites Soft Silicone Spoon Set

Lil’ Bites Soft Silicone Spoon Set

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Help your child learn to self-feed at every age & every stage with these food-grade silicone spoons. From teething & texture exploration to developing fine motor skills, these spoons are specially designed & machine washable.
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What It Does

Introducing a revolutionary set of baby spoons that can help your little one learn new skills and achieve developmental milestones. Our set of three specially-designed soft silicone spoons were developed to promote learning and growth at every stage!

Safe and easy-to-clean, these 100% food grade silicone spoons are dishwasher safe, can be boiled or sterilized, and are BPA free and phthalate free.

Why You'll Love It

Three different designs grow with your baby as they move through different stages of development. Get one of each or get three of a kind!

Stage 1: Soothe Teething can be one of the biggest challenges when parenting a little one. Our Stage 1 teething spoon is soft on sensitive gums and offers bumps and dimples that stimulate babies’ senses. Your child will enjoy soothing relief while getting used to handling utensils.

Stage 2: Slurp Between the ages of 4 and 6 months, little ones are developing both hand-mouth and hand-eye coordination. With our Stage 2 spoon, babies can practice gripping and bringing spoons to their mouths. With no “wrong” side, this flat and slotted spoon helps deliver soft foods with less frustration when they’re ready to begin experimenting.

Stage 3: Scoop Using utensils is a great way for little ones to develop their fine motor skills as they’re learning to self-feed with new types of food. With its classic design, easy-to-grip handle, and safety guard, our Stage 3 spoon offers the perfect tool to assist with these exciting milestones.

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