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Cooler Bag

Cooler Bag

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Keep your liquid gold icy cold while on-the-go, and keep your breast milk fresh & full of nutrients for your little one.

What It Does

Whether you are transporting your expressed milk home from work or taking it with you on a long journey, keep it cool with our Twist Cooler Bag! It keeps your liquid gold at refrigerator temp all day, so your breast milk stays fresh.

The two ice packs are removable, and slide into zippered pockets placed optimally to cool your milk quickly. The back pocket offers convenient storage for pumping accessories.

Why You'll Love It

Twist Cooler Bag has slim pockets designed specifically for breast milk storage bags, keeping the bags upright, and as close as possible to the ice packs, for maximum cooling. Every bag touches an ice pack!

Each insulated Cooler Bag stores up to 6 breastmilk storage bags from any brand and comes with 2 extra-large, removable gel ice packs.

Works With

Twist Pouches
Kiinde Gel Ice Packs
Any milk storage bag brand

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