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Active Latch Silicone Bottles 2-pack (Green)

Active Latch Silicone Bottle

4oz silicone bottle (set of 2)

Starting at $17.99
Kozii SafeHeat Pro warmer with hanging water filler

Kozii® SafeHeat Pro

Premium Safeheat® breastmilk warmer & bottle warmer

Kozii Warmer

Kozii® Warmer

Safeheat® breastmilk warmer & bottle warmer

Contents of the Twist Gift Set with badge showing free Foodii accessories

Twist Gift Set

Twist breastmilk collection, storage, warming and feeding gift set

Contents of the Twist Starter Kit

Twist Starter Kit

Twist breastmilk collection, storage, and feeding starter kit

Blue and White Twist Pouch full to the 5 oz line with white liquid. Text reads "Save 20% Subscribe 160-pack"

Twist Pouch

Direct-Pump & Direct-Feed breastmilk storage pouches with twist-locking cap

Starting at $9.99
Stainless steel water bottle with blue cap & 2 warming cups

Kozii® Travel Warmer

Kiinde warmer for on-the-go! (no electricity needed)

3 pairs of Standard Adapters

Twist Adapters (Single Type)

Twist Pouch Direct-Pump/Direct-Feed adapters (3 Pairs, Single Type)

Starting at $6.99
Kiinde offers 7 types of adapters compatible with most major brands of pumps and bottles

Twist Adapters (Multi-Pack)

Twist Pouch Direct-Pump/Direct-Feed adapters (1 pair for each pump/nipple type)

Active Latch Nipples (Slow flow) 2-pack

Twist Active-Latch Nipple

Nipple (2 Pack) with storage case

Starting at $7.99
Squeeze bottle 2-pack (1 Medium Flow and 1 Slow Flow Nipple)

Twist Squeeze Bottle

Twist Pouch holder for direct-feeding

Sippy Top 3-pack

Twist Sippy Top

Twist-on sippy tops (3 Pack) for Twist Pouches

Funnel 2-pack

Twist Funnel

Transfer milk, formula, or food with funnel (2 Pack)

The Foodii Starter Kit includes everything you need to get started with the Squeeze Snack filling and feeding system

Foodii™ Starter Kit

Foodii™ Squeeze Snack™ filling and feeding system

6 oz Foodii pouch filled with puree

Foodii™ Pouches

Pureed food or formula storage pouches with twist-lock cap

Starting at $9.99
Squeeze Spoons 2-pack

Foodii™ Squeeze Spoons

Soft silicone spoons (2 Pack) for Foodii™ Pouches

Snack Spout 2-pack

Foodii™ Snack Spouts

Reusable feeding spouts (2 Pack) for Foodii™ Pouches