How to optimize your pumping sessions with Hands On Pumping

Getting the most out of each pumping session is a very common and real concern for breastfeeding mothers. Not only is it important to be able to provide adequate amounts of milk for your baby, but less than optimal expression may also lead to discomfort for the mom. Using hands-on pumping is a breast massage … Continue reading “How to optimize your pumping sessions with Hands On Pumping”

A Breastfeeding Mom’s Guide for Returning to Work

If you are a parent, chances are you have heard more opinions and tips than you ever thought possible. For every question or concern you have, everyone has a different solution or wants to share what their brother or cousin or best friend did. It is only funny because it is totally true! And preparing … Continue reading “A Breastfeeding Mom’s Guide for Returning to Work”

15 Really Cool Breastfeeding Facts You May Not Know

How to feed your baby is one of the most important decisions you will make. Breastfeeding is amazing in so many ways, and benefits both mom and baby. You may have already decided to breastfeed, or still, be thinking about it. No matter where you are in your journey, here are 15 Really Cool Breastfeeding … Continue reading “15 Really Cool Breastfeeding Facts You May Not Know”

Breastfeeding Benefits for Postpartum Depression

Every year, 15 to 25 percent of women are diagnosed with postpartum depression.  In the past, breastfeeding women who received this diagnosis were advised to wean from breastfeeding in order to reduce their stress. However, some mothers felt like breastfeeding was positive in their life and something they wanted to continue. Breastfeeding may reduce your … Continue reading “Breastfeeding Benefits for Postpartum Depression”

How can I donate breastmilk?

If you have ever considered donating your extra breastmilk, here’s a guide for all you need to know.   The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that infants under 6 months old be exclusively fed with their mother’s milk. But we know there are many circumstances that may cause a mother’s milk to not be available … Continue reading “How can I donate breastmilk?”

Breastmilk Storage Guidelines

Wondering what the best way is to store your breast milk? Whether you are exclusively pumping, have returned to work, express more than your baby eats each day, or would simply like to have a bit saved up for a date night or some Me time, it is important to follow proper breastmilk storage guidelines. … Continue reading “Breastmilk Storage Guidelines”

Induced Lactation and Relactation

Is it possible to go back to breastfeeding after you have stopped?   With so many moms working from home now during the coronavirus, breastfeeding feels like the easiest and healthiest option for their baby. But what if you weaned your baby within the last few months and are wishing you could start back up … Continue reading “Induced Lactation and Relactation”

Breastfeeding after a cesarean section

Breastfeeding can be a very natural thing, where the baby comes out of the womb and takes to nursing wonderfully. However, sometimes things happen during delivery that can make breastfeeding more difficult. One of these things can be having a cesarean section.   The type of cesarean you have may make things challenging. If you … Continue reading “Breastfeeding after a cesarean section”

What you need to know about Prenatal Nutrition

As soon as you find out that you are pregnant, there are a lot of things that go through your mind. Will you have a boy or a girl, who will the baby look like, what will this do to your body? What’s most important is proper Prenatal Nutrition. Making sure that you are taking … Continue reading “What you need to know about Prenatal Nutrition”

Breastfeeding when you are sick

There is a lot of worry right now about viruses, and if you are a mom of a baby, you might worry even more. The good news is that breastmilk is full of immune boosters, and protects your little one from many illnesses. Breastmilk is also the recommended nutrition for infants, even if the mother … Continue reading “Breastfeeding when you are sick”