Twist Starter Kit

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This breast milk collection, storage, and feeding system eliminates messy milk transfers, so you have less washing and sterilizing, and no air in your baby’s meal.

  • The Kiinde® Twist system lets you pump, store, and feed with no milk transfers, milk loss or exposure to germs. Pump directly into one of our Twist Pouches using almost any pump, then store, warm, and feed using that same pouch.

    After pumping, store and organize your pouches using the Twist Keeper™ Breastmilk Storage Bag Holder. The universal design fits Twist Pouches, and breastmilk storage bags from all brands.

    Our Active Latch® Nipples are designed to teach and reward deep, wide, natural latching. By requiring suction AND massaging of the nipple, they encourage the same active feeding required in nursing and ease the transition between bottle and breast.
  • Our unique Twist system gives you the freedom to use what works best for you. Use any major pump or nipple on the market with Twist to eliminate milk loss, transfers, and air in your baby’s meal.

    The pouches' unique twist-locking caps combine the toughness and leak-proof guarantee of a bottle with the cost-effectiveness, compact size, and convenience of a disposable breastmilk storage bag.

    The Twist system is:
    • Recyclable
    • BPA-free, phthalate-free, and PVC-free
    • Available in 2 pouch sizes: 6oz (177mL) and 8oz (236mL)
    • Safe for steam sterilizer and top rack of dishwasher (excluding pouches and Kozii Warmer)
  • Our Standard Direct-Pump™ Adapter is compatible with pumps from:
    -Any pump with a standard thread

    Our Spectra/Avent Direct-Pump™ Adapter is compatible with:
    -Ameda Mya
    -Spectra S2
    -Spectra S3 Pro
    -Spectra SG Synergy Gold
    -Baby Buddha
    -YIHUNION (single cordless)
    -Motif Twist
    -Motif Luna

    Pouches work with our Twist Squeeze Natural Feeding Bottle and any of the Active Latch Nipples. Adapters also allow for use with:
    -Pigeon Special Needs Feeder
    -Medela Special Needs Feeder
    -Life Factory
    -Nuby Sippy Top
    -Dr Brown's Sippy
    -Dr. Brown's Standard
    -Dr. Brown's Wide Neck
    -NUK Simply Natural
    -NUK Smooth Flow
    -NUK First Essentials
    -Natursutten Glass
    -The First Years
    -Evenflo Classic
  • 1. Use the necessary Twist Direct-Pump™ Adapter to pump directly into the Twist Pouches.
    2. Label the Twist Pouch with date & quantity.
    3. Store in the fridge or freezer using the Twist Keeper™.
    4. Thaw or warm using your method of choice.
    5. Snap the Twist Pouch into the Twist Squeeze™ Bottle, and attach your preferred nipple.
    6. Feed!
    7. Clean the nipples & sterilize for next use – store them in the included case to keep them clean.

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