Part of the Kiinde breastmilk collection, storage, and feeding system
Snaps into the Squeeze Bottle for transfer free feeding
Helps transition between bottle and breast. Baby feeding from Twist Squeeze bottle
Available in 3 speeds to support growing needs

Twist Active-Latch Nipple

Twist Active-Latch Nipples pop directly onto Kiinde Twist Pouches, eliminating the need to transfer milk from bags to bottles.

Nipple Flow
  • Twist Active-Latch Nipples (2 Pack) pop directly into Twist Pouches, so you can feed directly from the pouch – no more transferring from bags to bottles! Snap the pouch directly into the bottle, squeeze the air out of the pouch, and pop a Twist Active-Latch Nipple on top.
  • Our Active Latch® Nipples are designed to teach and reward deep, wide, natural latching. By requiring suction AND massaging of the nipple, they encourage the same active feeding required in nursing and ease the transition between bottle and breast.

    Nipples are available in three flow sizes:
    • Slow-Flow
    • Medium-Flow
    • Fast-Flow

    Nipples are recyclable, BPA-free, phthalate-free, and PVC-free. Safe for use in top rack of dishwasher and steam sterilizers.