Keep your pouches organized. Write-on labels. Easily label your Twist pouch with information like date and volume with the included permanent marker
Roll of 250 labels. Box dispenses labels one at a time and has a convenient slot for the included marker
Twist Pouch Cap Labels (Date/Volume)
Twist Pouches with Cap Labels (Date/Volume) stored in a Keeper

Twist Pouch Cap Labels with Marker

Easily read the date & quantity of each pouch from any angle with these cap labels.

  • The Twist Pouch Cap Labels make it easy to organize your Twist Pouches. These labels allow you to access the necessary details about the pouch contents while the leak-proof pouch is stored on its side.
  • Use these convenient round write-on sticker labels to help with organizing and storing Kiinde Twist pouches. Write date and volume or identifying information on the sticker labels and apply to the Twist pouch caps. 250 labels are included in each box. Permanent marker is included and sized to fit in the holder attached to the dispenser box . *Pouch is NOT included.
  • Twist Pouches
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