Reusable Breast Pads


A hot compress can increase milk production by 42% – that’s why Kiinde created our new breast pads! We’ve been where you are, looking up how to increase milk production and seeing vitamins, cookies, & random recipes, but not being sure if any of them work. Luckily, we came across real, scientific research and found the easiest first step. Scientific studies show that using heat compresses before pumping may increase milk expression by over 40%.

That’s why we created our new EXPRESSion Breast Pads!

This Reusable Breast Pad pack comes with:
• 3 pairs EXPRESSion Reusable Breast Pads
• 1 pair EXPRESSion Instant Warmers
• 1 mesh Washing Bag

These are the best nursing pads for breastfeeding moms! The reusable nursing pads absorb leaking milk between nursing or pumping sessions and have pockets for hands-free warming. Activate the breast heating pads and slip them into the built in pocket. Warming breasts before nursing or pumping has many benefits. In addition to increasing milk expression, it helps reduce nipple pain and other breastfeeding problems.

Four layers give you the ultimate protection against leakage. First, two layers of soft bamboo mesh against your skin absorb leakage. A waterproof middle layer acts as a barrier to the inner pocket. The organic cotton outer layer provides extra security and comfort.

The contoured shape of these nursing breast pads allows them to fit snug against the breast. Soft bamboo fabric makes them comfortable enough for use as reusable overnight nursing pads. Plus, they fit with any nursing bra and can also double as a breast pad or cup filler. The included travel bag also doubles as a laundry bag, so you can wash them for reuse again and again!

These reusable breast pads for women make great pregnancy gifts for first time moms. The travel/laundry bag also works as a storage bag between uses. Use the pads to enjoy clean clothes between feeding or pumping sessions. Get the best reusable nursing pads today – they’re postpartum must-haves!

Instructions for use: Activate the warmer and place it into the pad and bra. Once milk has let down (around 10-20 minutes, will vary by person), remove the warmer to prevent discomfort. Warmer pack(s) can be stored and used multiple times in a 6-8 hour period.

Weight 0.27 lbs
Dimensions 8.46 × 6.30 × 1.97 in
Package size

6 Pack

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