Reusable Breast Pads

Hot compresses can increase milk production by 42%. Keep the heat in place while you keep doing your thing, mama!

  • Scientific studies show that using hot compresses before pumping may increase milk expression by over 40%. We created these breast pads to pull double duty — they absorb leaking milk between nursing or pumping sessions and have pockets for hands-free warming, while built-in pockets hold small, multi-use warming pads.
  • Four layers give you the ultimate protection against leakage. Two layers of soft bamboo mesh against your skin absorb leakage, while a waterproof middle layer acts as a barrier to the inner pocket. An organic cotton outer layer provides extra security and comfort. The included pair of warmers encourage milk let-down, increase milk expression, help soothe sore nipples, and relieve other breastfeeding issues.

    The contoured shape of these nursing breast pads allows them to fit snug against the breast, while soft bamboo fabric makes them comfortable enough for use as overnight nursing pads. Plus, they fit with any nursing bra and can also double as a breast pad or cup filler. The included travel bag also works as a laundry bag, so you can wash them for reuse again and again
  • Kiinde Instant Warmers
    Kiinde Evolve Nursing Bra
  • 1. Activate the warmer and place into pad, then place pad into bra
    2. Once milk has let down (around 10-20 minutes, will vary by person), remove warmer to prevent discomfort.
    3. Warmer pack(s) can be stored and used multiple times in a 6-8 hour period.

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