Disposable Breast Pads


Hot compresses can increase milk production by 42%. Enjoy the on-the-go convenience of disposable breast pads with the expression-boosting warmth of hot compresses.

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  • Scientific studies show that using hot compresses before pumping may increase milk expression by over 40%. We created these breast pads to be absorbent, comfortable, and easy to use. When paired with our Breast Pad Warmers, they help encourage more milk expression.

    These nursing breast pads make great pregnancy gifts for first time moms. Pack them in your pumping bag to enjoy clean clothes between feeding or pumping sessions.
  • These contoured breastfeeding pads fit snug against your breast. The adhesive backing allows for extended use; because our pads attach to your bra, the adhesive won’t irritate your skin. Plus, they fit under any nursing bra and can also double as a breast pad or cup filler.
  • Kiinde Reusable Breast Warmers
    Kiinde Disposable Breast Warmers
    Kiinde Evolve Nursing Bra
    Any nursing or pumping bra
  • 1. Activate the warmer.
    2. Remove adhesive backing from pad & attach to warmer.
    3. Remove adhesive backing from warmer & place pad into bra.
    4. Once milk has let down (around 10-20 minutes, will vary by person), remove warmer to prevent discomfort.
    5. Warmer pack(s) can be stored and used multiple times in a 6-8 hour period.

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