Breast Pad Warmers


A hot compress can increase milk expression by 42% – that’s why we created our new EXPRESSion line! Pair Kiinde’s EXPRESSion Instant Warmers with either EXPRESSion breast pad to gain the benefits of breast warming.

The Breast Pad Warmer Pack includes 15 pairs of EXPRESSion Breast Pad Warmers.

They’re great therapeutic accessories that help soothe nipple soreness and relieve other breastfeeding issues. Plus, heating your breasts before breastfeeding encourages milk let-down and increases milk expression. Pair the heat pads with EXPRESSion Reusable Breast Pads or our Disposable Breast Pads for leak protection. Together they make great pregnancy gifts for women!

Be the best mom – love your nipples and your baby by warming your breasts before breastfeeding. These disposable heat packs are essential nursing accessories. They will help improve the breastfeeding experience of first time and experienced moms.

Don’t miss out on these new baby essentials for mom!

Instructions for use: Activate the warmer and place it into the pad and bra. Once milk has let down (around 10-20 minutes, will vary by person), remove the warmer to prevent discomfort. Warmer pack(s) can be stored and used multiple times in a 6-8 hour period.

Weight 12.99 lbs
Dimensions 6.29 × 4.72 × 9.84 in
Package size

30 Pack

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