It’s the most wonderful time of the year! …Mostly.

Holiday self care is an important part of the season.

Although decorating for the holidays and spending time with your family is fun and exciting, there’s no denying that this time of year can also be highly stressful.

And if this is your first holiday season with a new baby it can seem like it’s even more nerve-wracking than usual. Or maybe it’s not your first rodeo, but it doesn’t seem to be getting easier?

Whatever your situation, we’ve made a list of ways to help combat the holiday stress. Here’s our top five tips for holiday self care.

1. Give yourself permission


This is probably the most important of our holiday self care tips.

Yes, it sounds kind of cheesy and extra, but give yourself permission to care for yourself & do the things you need to keep yourself going this season.

It will help all the other decisions you make to care for yourself that much easier to make.

2. Say no


With the holidays come invitations. Whether it’s going to parties or visiting family in another state, it’s okay to say no.

Setting boundaries and sticking to them is important, especially during high-stress times. Your self care during the holidays is important, and boundaries are a large part of that.

Oh but my parents/friends/cousins — no buts! Your parents don’t have to take a cross-country trip with a crying baby. Your friends can and should respect your boundaries. Your cousins can catch up at the next family reunion. You need to take care of yourself, and sometimes that means saying no.


3. Make a budget & respect it


Speaking of respecting boundaries, make sure you’re respecting your own — especially when it comes to budget.

American families spend on average ~$1000 during the holiday season. If you’re balancing a budget that includes a new family member, it’s important to make sure that you’re sticking to the budget you set for yourself. 1

Finances are stressful to deal with, so setting a spending limit & sticking to it can greatly reduce some of the holiday anxiety.

4. Ditch perfection


The pressure to have a perfect holiday season can be immense! Luckily, perfection doesn’t exist.

Ditching perfection can go a long way in boosting your holiday self care routine. The best way to make sure you have a “perfect” holiday is to make sure you’re able to be present and enjoy it.

Trying too hard to make sure everything goes exactly as planned is almost guaranteed to make sure everything goes awry. Focus on enjoying what does happen, rather than worrying about what you want to happen.

Making a morning routine can help ground you and set the whole day up for success, reducing some of the holiday scramble.

5. Be active


Finally, it’s important to be active. It’s easy to get caught up in the chilly, cozy, sugar-filled season. While it’s good to indulge and enjoy the moment, it’s still important to keep active & eat healthy.

A good way to stay active is to go for a walk. The fresh air & cardiovascular activity is great for calming your mind and relaxing your body. (Plus, it’s great for your little one, too!)

Make it a fun outing with friends, or enjoy a solo expedition. Or you could try a little yoga — whatever keeps you happy & healthy!


Enjoy the holiday season! Following even one of these points can help reduce the holiday stress, so do what feels right for you. You got this!



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