A Breastfeeding Mom’s Guide for Returning to Work

If you are a parent, chances are you have heard more opinions and tips than you ever thought possible. For every question or concern you have, everyone has a different solution or wants to share what their brother or cousin or best friend did. It is only funny because it is totally true! And preparing … Continue reading “A Breastfeeding Mom’s Guide for Returning to Work”

Black Maternal and Infant Health Outcomes

Every mother deserves to see their babies grow up. Every child deserves to have their mother beside them as they grow. Yet the United States is worst for maternal mortality rates among developed nations, according to the CDC. Black women are 3-4 times more likely than white women to die from pregnancy complications or childbirth. … Continue reading “Black Maternal and Infant Health Outcomes”

Breastfeeding and Your Fertility

A common question surrounding is breastfeeding is how will it affect my fertility? Whether you plan to try for pregnancy while you are breastfeeding, or you want to wait, it is important to understand how breastfeeding can affect reproduction.   Does breastfeeding prevent pregnancy?   There are many benefits of breastfeeding for mothers, and for … Continue reading “Breastfeeding and Your Fertility”

Benefits of Breastfeeding While Babywearing

Babywearing can be a great tool for breastfeeding parents. Wearing your baby can provide an easy way to do skin-to-skin, soothe your baby, feed your baby, and take care of yourself, all with your hands free.     Benefits of breastfeeding while babywearing     Hands-free feeding! This can be especially helpful during developmental and growth … Continue reading “Benefits of Breastfeeding While Babywearing”

Breastfeeding Benefits for Postpartum Depression

Every year, 15 to 25 percent of women are diagnosed with postpartum depression.  In the past, breastfeeding women who received this diagnosis were advised to wean from breastfeeding in order to reduce their stress. However, some mothers felt like breastfeeding was positive in their life and something they wanted to continue. Breastfeeding may reduce your … Continue reading “Breastfeeding Benefits for Postpartum Depression”

What we know about pregnancy and COVID-19

  Pregnancy itself can be a very stressful and overwhelming time. Adding a pandemic like COVID-19 can be extremely anxiety inducing. We are still learning how the virus impacts pregnancy and birth, and researchers are working hard to come up with the best recommendations to keep everyone healthy. This is what we know right now. … Continue reading “What we know about pregnancy and COVID-19”

What you need to know about Prenatal Nutrition

As soon as you find out that you are pregnant, there are a lot of things that go through your mind. Will you have a boy or a girl, who will the baby look like, what will this do to your body? What’s most important is proper Prenatal Nutrition. Making sure that you are taking … Continue reading “What you need to know about Prenatal Nutrition”

Breastfeeding when you are sick

There is a lot of worry right now about viruses, and if you are a mom of a baby, you might worry even more. The good news is that breastmilk is full of immune boosters, and protects your little one from many illnesses. Breastmilk is also the recommended nutrition for infants, even if the mother … Continue reading “Breastfeeding when you are sick”

A complete list of Newborn essentials

Having a baby comes with a long list of to-dos. In addition to the celebration, doctor’s appointments, rest and nesting, you also have to figure out exactly what you need. Shopping for baby gear can be exciting, but also overwhelming. Don’t sweat it, though! We are here with a list of all the baby gear … Continue reading “A complete list of Newborn essentials”

When should I wean my baby?

  When to wean your baby from breastfeeding is a very personal choice. The AAP recommends breastfeeding for at least six months, and until 12 months, breastmilk should be the main source of nutrition for your little one, with complementary solid feedings. If a baby is weaned from breastfeeding before 12 months, those feedings need … Continue reading “When should I wean my baby?”