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The Best Bottle Warmers

Most parents don’t need a bottle warmer. You may think this device would take time and guesswork out of heating a bottle for a hungry baby, but after researching 18 bottle warmers and testing six, we found that even the best of them were only modestly more convenient than simply warming a bottle in a bowl of hot water. A dedicated warmer could benefit some people, though, and after spending 10 hours warming more than 50 bottles of formula and breast milk, we’re confident the Kiinde Kozii is the best option.

The thing that sets the Kozii apart from its competitors is that its circulating water bath heats bottles faster using lower temperatures than most other warmers. It’s the only warmer that lets you heat multiple bottles back to back without adding water or waiting for the unit to cool down. And the water drains from the warming chamber at the end of each cycle, so the bottle won’t continue to heat if you don’t retrieve it immediately. It can thaw frozen breast milk, but simpler methods do a better job. Like all the bottle warmers we found, the Kozii has unimpressive user ratings (3.5 stars out of five on Amazon), and though it is fast, it can overheat breast milk if you aren’t careful.

Source: https://thewirecutter.com/reviews/best-bottle-warmers/

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