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The 9 Best Breast Milk Storage Bags of 2020
Best for Travel: Kiinde
For a twist on traditional zippered breast milk storage bags, there are these bags from Kiinde. You can collect, store and prepare the milk for your baby all in one pouch, which is both convenient and economical. They lock onto any pump with an adapter, which is sold separately, and a twist-on cap keeps them secure while they're being frozen. When it’s time to feed ​the baby, you attach a nipple to the top. There are no bottles or other accessories to wash. The bags are self-standing, freeze flat, and are designed to hold up to 6 ounces of milk.
While they’re a bit more expensive than traditional bags, thousands of women say they’re worth it. While some say the twist caps take up more freezer space and make them more difficult to organize, most say the ease of use makes up for that.
Source: https://www.verywellfamily.com/best-breast-milk-storage-bags-4174820

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