_Ovia Health Family Awards Winner

Best Milk Storage: Kiinde

"This was THE BEST!!! Pumped straight into the bag, froze, warmed, and fed all from the same container. Our son never had gas issues and took to the nipple well."

Milk storage needs to be two things: effective and mess-free. When we asked, parents all over the world agreed–Kiinde is both of these things.

"This is such a great system to use, especially for working moms. Less parts, less mess, such a timesaver!"

"Kiinde is LITERALLY a GAME CHANGER! No more extra dirty parts to wash because you can pump right into the bags! Then you can warm milk in their warmer without having to take it out of the bag and then you just pop the whole bag into the bottle with a nipple! FREAKING AMAZING!!!!"

What could we say that would get you more on board with Kiinde than what these thrilled parents have already said? We could reiterate that the Kiinde system allows you to pump straight into the bag, which eliminates the mess of transfers and makes for an easier cleanup. Did that work?

Souce: https://www.oviahealth.com/guide/110305/ofa_19_bottles2

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