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Review: Kiinde Kozii Breast Milk Warmer & Bottle Warmer

My ingenious method for heating up breast milk used to consist of filling a pot with hot tap water, dropping the bottle of milk into the pot and then placing another smaller pot of hot tap water on top to keep the bottle submerged. After ten minutes or so, I’d check the milk, realize it wasn’t warm enough yet, drain the pots and start over again. Eventually, I would have a bottle of perfectly warm breast milk ready to go along with an extremely fussy and hungry baby who was ready to eat twenty minutes ago.

The Kiinde Kozii has changed all of that. Now I simply place the bottle into the Kozii, turn the dial to the appropriate setting, and within minutes, the milk is ready. It couldn’t be easier. And best of all, there is no guess work. I can count on the milk being the perfect temperature every time.

Setting up the Kozii is also a simple task. Simply fill the reservoir by pouring water into the bottle chamber, allow the water to drain, and repeat until the fill indicator at the bottom of the chamber is just under water (roughly 1 and ¾ cups).

When you turn the Kozii on, the bottle chamber fills and surrounds the bottle with warm flowing water. When the warming time is up, the chamber empties and the bottle is ready.

The warming time varies based on whether you are heating up frozen or thaw milk, as well as the volume of milk in the bottle. As far as which setting to use, a chart printed in the instruction booklet lists estimated warming time, although it is still recommended that you test the tempertaure of the milk before feeding. My one suggestion is that the warming chart could be printed on the side of the Kozii for a more convenient reference.

There is some maintenance involved in keeping Kozii clean and working properly. It is recommended that every two or three days, you replace the water in the reservoir and every two months, you descale Kozii with a water and vinegar solution followed by rinsing with fresh water three times. This process is a bit of a chore, but relative to the hassle of heating milk each time with the double pot method that I described earlier, it is no hassle at all. And unlike the double pot heating method, it can be done after baby is fed and happily snoozing away.


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