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Best Bottle Warmers of 2020: Protects Nutrients

Why We Love It

Similar to the Philips AVENT warmer, the Kozii also uses a low-temperature water bath to heat bottles and food. It does take five to eight minutes to thoroughly warm a bottle but the slow process helps avoid overheating, which can destroy natural antibodies and nutrients. After it’s done warming, it automatically shuts off. Also, fans of wider bottles take note: This warmer can fit them.

Keep in Mind

It may take two cycles to defrost frozen milk and food.

What Babylist Parents Say

“It takes a while, but it heats breast milk up evenly and is worth it, especially now that my baby is on a bit of a schedule. We previously had a bottle warmer that used steam and it was so unpredictable. It took the same amount of time, if not longer, to have a bottle cool off before we could give it.” -Sara P.


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