Papaya Berry Blend

Strawberries are in season here in sunny south Florida! We went out and picked our own last week and they were perfect! What better fruit to have on hand when Kiinde introduced me to the new sip straw adaptor? This straw adaptor is the best… I tried to squeeze the pouch and get the liquids to come out with out suction and it was impossible! This literally turns your twist pouches into a perfect sippy cup for toddlers. The straw adaptor is all you need to keep when you recycle the old pouch and move on the the next! This is perfect for juice, water, milk, a smoothie, or just partially frozen apple sauce. I am amazed at the resistance to spills! I would like to personally congratulate Kiinde on this perfect addition to their great line of baby and child products!

Now onto the real hero here, Papaya! Papaya has a very mild flavor but a great texture and a low sugar content for a tropical fruit. When combined with strawberries, papaya creates smooth and mildly sweet snack that tastes great! When picking out a papaya it should feel like a ripe pear that is still firm enough to get home, so not too soft but able to be dented with your finger.

Papaya Strawberry Blend
This is so easy... you are going to love this recipe! 10 minutes for 6 traveling snacks your baby will love!
Prep Time
Cook Time
Passive Time
6 Twist pouches
10 minutes

1 Papaya

1 pint Strawberries

1/4 cup water

1- Slice your papaya in half.

2- Remove the tops from your prewashed strawberries and place them in your blender.

3- Carefully remove ALL of the black seeds from the inside of your papaya. Papaya seeds have a black pepper flavor. Leaving any will have a negative effect on your puree!

4- Gently scoop out the orange flesh and add it to the blender. Blend, adding water if needed, until the puree is completely fluid.

5- Transfer to your Kiinde Twist Pouches and drink up! This recipe freezes well and works great with the Twist Straw adaptor!