Blackberry Apple Puree

Blackberry season is in full swing and these tender sweet berries are on sale all over the place! When I lived in Georgia I loved picking these fresh and snacking on them as I walked through the woods. What I didn’t like was the ticks and chiggers I found attached to me afterwards. Even as an avid gardener and food forager, I admit I prefer to buy these guys! Unfortunately, most of the year you need a cup of sugar to eat conventional blackberries because they are tough, seedy, and sour! End of August and early September is the only true exception to this rule, and we are taking advantage. This simple stove top blackberry apple puree is easy to make and relatively quick. I guarantee your baby will love this recipe,  that is, if you can get the older kids to stop eating it!

Blackberry Apple Puree
Blackberries and apples combine to make this delightful blend!
Prep Time
Cook Time
Passive Time
4 Twist bags
15 minutes
45 minutes
30 minutes

1 pint Fresh Blackberries

5 large Apples

1- Wash all produce. Peel and chop the apples into small pieces for quicker cooking.

2- Combine the berries and apple pieces in a sauce pan with a tight fitting lid.

3- Boil the fruit for 30 minutes on medium with the lid on. Occasionally check and stir.

4- Once all fruit is soft, mash with a potato masher and allow to cook on low for another 15 minutes with no lid.

5- Remove from heat and allow to cool before blending.

6- Blend until smooth and simply transfer to your Twist bags for easy feeding on the go!