Baby Pear Cantaloupe Puree

I found these adorable tiny pears at my local grocery store and just couldn’t help myself! They are the cutest thing I have seen since the tiny apples started showing up! These tiny pears are a little denser than the larger variety, so they hold this delicate puree together very well. Ever so, regular pears will work to create this delicious and sweet baby food.The combination of pear and cantaloupe is sweet and light, so it is sure to be a favorite!

Baby Pear and Cantaloupe Puree
This delicate, sweet, puree is sure to be a favorite!
Prep Time
Cook Time
Passive Time
5 Pouches
10 minutes

8 Baby Pears or 4 large ones

1 Cantaloupe

2 water as needed.

1- Wash your pears well!

2- Cut the cantaloupe into 1-2 inch chunks and add the pieces to your blender.

3- Cut and slice your pears removing only the seeds and stem. Add them to your blending devise.

4- Blend well and only add the tiny amount of water required to get the blending started. Once the fruit starts to break down it will produce all the liquid you need!

5- Simply transfer to your Twist Pouches using your convenient Foodii system!